僕は僕だ (I am me) (Photoshop, OpenCV, MoviePy)

I make, photograph, and musick.

Professionally, I am a full-stack roboticist skilled in mechatronic design and prototyping, front- and back-end software development, and research and development for artificial intelligence and user interaction. I earned my PhD from Cornell University, where I developed Blossom, an open-source social robot platform for researching robot design, AI for robot behaviors, and telepresence. Prior to Cornell, I studied mechanical engineering and programming at NC State, where I led our robotics team to first place in an international competition. My graduation caps were kinda famous. My past work experiences include R&D for electromagnetic actuators at NASA MSFC, affective robot AI research at Honda Research Institute Japan, and multimodal robot AI research at Facebook AI Research. More information is available on my CV.

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